"KinoCuntra" is part of the kino movement and located in Graz, Austria. We organize the KinoCuntra KinoKabaret, an alternative filmfestival form.

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Everybody can make a movie!


KinoKabaret 2018

Next Kabaret will be from 22.3.2018 till 25.3.2018

It's gonna be one big session only, so be sure you'll be there!

Production Meeting will be 22.3. @ 18:00

Screening will be at 25.3. @ time to be announced


There will be short best-of screenings during the last weekend of the Diagonale, time tba, but certainly in between 16.3. till 18.3.

And don't forget the screening at 25.3. with all the freshly shorts made during KinoKabaret 2018. It's open for the puplic and will take place in the Cuntra MachHalla


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